300682: Getting to Know the World"s Greatest Artists: Renoir Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists: Renoir
By Grolier Publishing Company

Introduce your young students to the fabulous and fun world of art with the World's Greatest Artists Series. Full-color reproductions and kid-friendly overviews of the artists' life are presented alongside cartoon-characters of the artist, bringing a clever dimension to the series. Fun and educational, these light yet realistic books make an easy and exciting transition into studying the fine arts. Learn about Renoir's influence on art and see some of his most famous paintings! 32 pages, ages 4-8. Please note that one painting shows partial nudity.

742458: Short Lessons in Art History: Artists and Their Work Short Lessons in Art History: Artists and Their Work
By Phyllis Clausen Barker / Walch Education

Short Lessons in Art History is a fantastic introduction to the artists who have shaped the artistic world from Giotto in 1266 to Alexander Calder in 1976. Each artist's life is explored, along with their major works, public reaction, and impact upon the world and art after their deaths. Approximately 3-4 pages are given to each of the 38 artists featured, with black and white images of one of their most famous works. A center section contains full color plates. Glossary words are included at the end of each chapter. 217 pages, softcover. Grades 6-12.