953445: Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle
By Martin Cothran / Memoria Press

Aristotle's Rhetoric is known as one of the finest works on the classical concept of rhetoric--a subject's own style or forms of expression. This course is an accompanied 'tour' during this book, conveying in simpler terms what Artistotle's arguments are. Focusing on the content rather than the technique of rhetoric, this course will follow Aristotle's concern with the 'what' of communication. Following the chapters of Rhetoric, open-ended questions focus on questions that may be answered from the book and critical thinking questions. Quotes, selected readings, weekly writing assignments (research and evaluative) and Latin translations are all included, helping students to gain a thorough and unique understanding of this classical tradition. 175 non-reproducible pages, softcover. Answer key sold separately (stock # 636452).

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Scientist statues at Oxford
Bust of Aristotle
Aristotle in front of a university building in Freiburg, Germany
The Ten Sages of the World, MDIS Singapore
Bust of Aristotle at Palazzo Altaemps, Rome
Young Aristotle by Charles Degeorge
Relief of Plato and Aristotle
Medieval manuscript
Part of a wall painting in Rome
Logic and Aristotle
Raphael's "School of Athens"
Detail of Plato and Aristotle
Aristotle in Nuemberg Chronicle
Portrait of Aristotle
Aristotle tutoring Alexander