04738: Beethoven Lives Upstairs         - Audiobook on CD Beethoven Lives Upstairs - Audiobook on CD
By Classical Kids / Children's Book Store Dist.

In this tale of genius and childhood, an eccentric new boarder turns a young boy's life upside-down. Ludwig Van Beethoven has moved in upstairs! Young Christoph exchanges letters about the chaotic arrival of Mr. Beethoven and learns to appreciate and understand the great composer and his music. The CD features over two dozen excerpts from Beethoven's music including the Moonlight Sonata, Symphonies #5-9, Fur Elise, Pathetique Sonata, Flute Serenade, and Minuet in G Major.

16200: Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven
By Mike Venezia / Grolier Publishing Company

Author/Illustrator Mike Venezia has been getting to know the world's greatest composers as long as he can remember. A graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mike believes the best way to introduce children to music an composers is through fun. If children can learn about music in a fun way, and think of composers as real people, the exciting world of music will be open to them for the rest of their lives. In this book Venezia briefly recounts the life of Beethoven who wrote beautiful symphonies and sonatas despite tragic personal problems. He illustrates it with a mix of classic pictures and humorous cartoons.
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Ludwig van Beethoven plaque, Lesser Town, Prague
Portrait of Beethoven
Monument to Beethoven by Erminio Blotta
Beethoven's grave
House where Beethoven was born, Bonn,Germany
Statue of Beethoven
Statue in Nuremberg, Germany
Statue in Vienna
Statue of Beethoven in Vienna, Austria
Plaque in Vienna
Bust of Beethoven
Beethoven's house in Koblenz Ehrenbreitstein
Memorial to Beethoven, Garnier opera