74591: Mount Rushmore Mount Rushmore
By Grolier Publishing Company

Mount Rushmore is one of the most imposing monuments in the United States, but it took a long road to create it. Overcoming its remote location, the Great Depression and lack of funds, and the death of both the original sculpter and his son and grandson, leaving a grand, yet still technically unfishished testament to American greatness. 32 pages with timeline and index, softcover.

474861: Across the USA Fun Kit Across the USA Fun Kit
By Dover

An entertaining, educational coast-to-coast "stay-cation" for kids! Brimming with fun facts and engaging activities, this stars-and-stripes collection includes the United States Coloring Book featuring cool information about each state; Historic American Landmarks coloring book picturing the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and 28 other prominent sites; more than 120 puzzles, mazes, crosswords, and more; an 11" x 17" poster; and crayons.
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"The Aviator" by Gutzon Borglum
Borglum's model for Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore made of Legos
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Saturday Evening Post building
"Rabboni" sculpture by Borglum
Henry Ward Beecher sculpture by Borglum
Lincoln sitting, sculpture by Borglum
"North America" sculpture at the Organization of American States
Gutzon Borglum studio in San Antonio, Texas
John Mackay statue
Junipero Serra statue
Full-size replica of the torch for the Statue of Liberty