542724X: Scientists Of Faith Scientists Of Faith
By Dan Graves / Kregel Publications

"Scientists of Faith" relates the personal stories of forty-eight scientists and provides a brief overview of each person's contribution in their own particular field. Included are such notables as Johannes Kepler, Blaise Pascal, Michael Faraday, Gregor Mendel,and George Washington Carver. 192 pages, softcover from Kregel.

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Michael Faraday: A Very Short Introduction
by Frank A. J. L. James 2011 (selected pages)

The Electric Life of Michael Faraday
by Alan Hirshfeld 2006 (selected pages)

The philosopher's tree: a selection of Michael Faraday's writings
by Michael Faraday, compiled by Peter Day (selected pages)

Michael Faraday and the Royal Institution
by John Meurig Thomas 1991 (selected pages)

Michael Faraday's mental exercises
by Alice Jenkins (selected pages)

A Tribute to Michael Faraday
by Rollo Appleyard 2006 (selected pages)

Chemistry for AQA
by Ann and Patrick Fullick (selected pages)

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Michael Faraday - Wikimedia Commons
Michael Faraday - Wikipedia
Michael Faraday Plaque - Flickr user Simon Harriyoft
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Statue of Michael Faraday - Flickr user ell brown
Plaque on the wall of the Health Centre Walworth - Flickr user sarflondondunc
A Tiny Museum
located museum in a shed devoted to Michael Faraday, who conducted experiments at Trinity Buoy Wharf.
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Faraday Memorial - Flickr user J. Mark Dodds
Michael Faraday with other scientists