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Thomas Jefferson, Great American
by Matt Doeden (selected pages)

Thomas Jefferson, First Biographies
by Judy Emerson (selected pages)

Thomas Jefferson, Architect of Democracy
by John B. Severance (selected pages)

Thomas Jefferson, History Maker Bios
by Victoria Sherrow (selected pages)

Thomas Jefferson, Third President of the United States
by Heidi M. D. Elston (selected pages)

Thomas Jefferson
by Carol H. Behrman (selected pages)

Profiles of the Presidents, Thomas Jefferson
by Ann Heinrichs (selected pages)

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Jefferson Memorial, Washington D.C.
Thomas Jefferson statue, St. Louis, Missouri
Thomas Jefferson statue, University of Virginia
Washington and Jefferson College
Inside the Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson statue, columbia Mizzou campus
Thomas Jefferson, William and Mary College
Thomas Jefferson bust, Virginia Presidents' Park
More presidential busts
Statue of Jefferson facing the Trumbull painting
Thomas Jefferson statue, Paris, France