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O Say Can You See
by Francis Scott Key, Star Spangled Baby Ltd (picture book, no preview)

Francis Scott Key and "The Star Spangled Banner"
by Lynea Bowdish, Harry Burman (no preview)

The Star Spangled Banner, On My Own History
by Catherine A. Welch, Carrie H. Warwick (selected pages)

The Star Spangled Banner
by Debra Hess (selected pages)

The Star Spangled Banner, Graphic Library
by Ryan Jacobson (selected pages)

The Writing of "The Star Spangled Banner"
by Sabrina Crewe, Scott Ingram (selected pages)

The Star Spangled Banner in Translation: What It Really Means
by Elizabeth Raum, Holt Merchant (selected pages)

Slideshow pictures courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, (search for Francis Scott Key)