582329: George Muller: Faith to Feed Ten Thousand, Hardcover George Müller: Faith to Feed Ten Thousand, Hardcover
By Ywam Publishing

Introducing the great heroes of the faith for the younger audiences, the easy-to-understand rhyming text and colorful illustrations provide a familiar storybook medium for children to enjoy. Hardcover, these books will make a welcome addition to a children's church or homeschool library. 32 pages.

581454: George Mueller: The Guardian of Bristol"s Orphans George Müller: The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans
By Janet Benge / Ywam Publishing

Inspiring biographical story of George Müller (1805 - 1898). With scarcely enough food or money for his own family, George Müller opened his heart and home. Sustained by God's provision, the Müller house "Breadfast Club" of thirty orphans grew to five large houses that ultimately over ten thousand children would call home.

Slideshow pictures courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and various books written by and about George Müller.