553034: Isaac Newton Isaac Newton
By Mitch Stokes / Thomas Nelson

He built the first refracting telescope, authored the book that became the basis for classical mechanics, and wrote the three laws of motion-and that's just a fraction of Sir Isaac Newton's achievements. Despite the fact that he's considered by many to be the most influential scientist in history, he actually wrote more about his Christian faith than he did about natural science. This Christian Encounters biography illuminates Newton's beliefs and how they shaped his view of the world he so desired to understand.
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Statue of Paolozzi's Newton
Isaac Newton grave, Westminster Abbey, London
Statue of Newton at Oxford
Temple of Solomon by Newton
A descendant of Newton's apple tree in Japan
A descendant of Newton's apple tree at Cambridge, England
Newton's room at Cambridge
Statue of Newton at Cambridge
Temple of Worthies, Newton
Woolsthorpe Manor, birthplace of Newton
Tribute to Newton in India
Statue of Newton
Newton's letter to Hooke
Wax figure of Isaac Newton
Newton's books