69473: Sequoyah: The Cherokee Man Who Gave His People Writing Sequoyah: The Cherokee Man Who Gave His People Writing
By James Rumford / Houghton-mifflin

This beautifully illustrated book is a "Robert F. Sibert Honor Book", and is filled with stark, colorful drawings of Sequoyah, the Cherokee people and land. The story of an illiterate man who invented the Cherokee written language, the text is fittingly written in both English and Cherokee. Sequoyah celebrates literacy, and the struggle of a people to stand tall and proud. 29 pages, hardcover with dust jacket.

442886: Life On The Trail Of Tears Life On The Trail Of Tears
By Laura Fischer / Heinemann Raintree School

This book describes what life was like for the Native American people on the Trail of Tears during the winter of 1838 to 1839. The Trail of Tears was a journey the Native Americans made when they were forced out of their homeland by the United States government. The trail took the Native Americans west to land called Indian Territory. The tribes who walked the Trail of Tears were the Creek, Chicksaw, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Seminole. This book focuses on the story of the Cherokee tribe. The book is illustrated with drawings and paintings from the time period and with artists' ideas of how things looked on the trail. 32 pages, softcover.

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Sequoyah: the Cherokee man who gave his people writing
by James Rumford (selected pages)

Ahyoka and the Talking Leaves
by Peter Roop, Connie Roop (selected pages)

Sequoyah, 1770?-1843
by Yvonne Wakim Dennis (selected pages)

Life on the Trail of Tears
by Laura Fischer (selected pages)

Sequoyah: Inventor of Written Cherokee
by Roberta Basel (selected pages)

by Anne M. Todd (selected pages)

Sequoyah, History Maker Bios
by Laura Hamilton Waxman (selected pages)

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Sequoyah Caverns, Alabama
Carving of Sequoyah
Syllabary at the Cherokee museum
Lake Sequoyah, North Carolina
Postcard featuring Sequoyah
Sequoyah birthplace museum, Tennessee
Historical marker
Sequoyah school, now closed
Inscription on the base of the Sequoyah statue
Bear painted with Sequoyah's symbols
More painted bears
Carving of Sequoyah in his birthplace museum
Sequoyah sculpture