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George Washington, Leading a New Nation
by Matt Doeden, Cynthia Martin (selected pages)

George Washington,An American Life
by Laurie Calkhoven (selected pages)

Childhood of Famous Americans - George Washington
by Augusta Stevenson (selected pages)

George Washington, First Biographies
by Barbara Knox (selected pages)

George Washington, Farmer, Soldier, President
by Pamela Hill Nettleton (selected pages)

George Washington,Photo Illustrated Biographies
by T. M. Usel (selected pages)

A Picture Book of George Washington
by Alexandra Wallner, John C. Wallner (selected pages)

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George Washington headquarters, Valley Forge
George Washington Bridge
Statue of Washington in New York City
Statue of Washington in Boston
A closer view of the statue in Boston
Heald Square monument in Chicago
Washington Square in Philadelphia