God is King of You

I am king of all animals.
I eat people, you see!
I am king of all animals.
Nebuchadnezzaar depends on me!

He sends people into my den.
I do my job, I devour them!
I am king of all animals.
Darius depends on me!

One day I heard ol'Darius
Was sending a meal my way!
But I was in for a surprise now,
'Cause God with Daniel would stay!

God said, "Old Lion, keep your mouth shut.
Don't even think of opening it up"!
I am king of all animals.
But GOD is KING of me!

Kids, we can learn from this story
That God is in charge of all.
And, when we listen, He tells us
Sometimes, "Don't move your jaw!"

Just listen and God will tell you, too,
To keep your mouth shut when He tells you...oooh!!
GOD is KING of us all now,
And, GOD Depends you YOU!!!

*Sing to the tune of "If I Were King of the Forest"
Hear it here: http://www.wendyswizardofoz.com/midi.htm

The words to this song were written by Darlene Conner, talented teacher at Dallas Christian School.