Garden of Praise Videos

These videos were created to help you use the materials at Garden of Praise to teach young students.
They can be paired with content you find here.

How to Teach Children's Bible Lessons
Learn how to teach the Bible story of Noah, and transfer that knowledge to the other 86 Bible lessons.

Bible-based Spelling
Spelling lessons based on the first 35 Bible stories will give a year's worth of spelling lessons.

Musical Spelling Rules
Original songs help the children learn spelling rules for adding suffixes and forming plurals.

Bible Songs for Children
75 Bible songs set to familiar hymn tunes reinforce learning.

Bible Stories for Young Readers
Six beloved stories from the Old Testament are illustrated by artist Jean Bartlett.

Ten Commandment Memory Pegs
Numerals and pictures help the student learn the Ten Commandments.

Creation Memory Pegs
Joey Remembers the 6 Days of Creation - Rhyming words and pictures teach about the Creation.

REAL Bible Study
A study by Amy Oberg to teach her daughter about God.

The Gospel Train
A teaching method by Johnie Luker and Robbie Sikes featuring the life of Christ.

Miracle Memory Pegs
Pictures and stories to help the student learn about the miracles of Jesus.

In addition to the videos at Garden of Praise we would like to recommend an 18 minute video by Precious Homeschool
that shows how she has used this educational material.

Contact Mrs. Stevens by email.