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A Naughty Child
By Sir Edwin Landseer

A Naughty Child by Sir Edwin Landseer
By Sir Edwin Landseer R.A. (1802-1873)
In the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, London

Art was in Landseer's blood, for he came of a family of artists. His father was an engraver, and he sent his son into the fields to paint the animals he found there. In those early days he showed abundant promise of the genius that was in him, and while he astonished those who saw his work, he rapidly mounted the ladder of fame and fortune. At the age of twenty-four he became a member of the Royal Academy, the Presidentship of which he was afterwards to decline. The critics were kind to him, and the great public, at home and abroad, loved him so well that he stands in the world of art as one of the supreme favourites of fortune. He was by far the most popular painter of his time. For fifty years his pictures were the most eagerly sought in the Royal Academy, and so great was his vogue, that engravings of his works were sold in such numbers that scarcely a home was without one of them. They sold enormously on the Continent also, and while the effect was to popularise his art, in one sense it injured his reputation, for the reason that the colourless engravings entirely failed to do anything more than scant justice to his originals. When he died he left a fortune of 160,000 pounds, and another 55,000 pounds was added to this by the amounts obtained from unsold pictures.

His best work is distinguished by a simplicity and naturalness which largely accounts for his great popularity. They are subjects which everyone can appreciate, and thus, while their technical perfection is all that one could desire, they appeal strongly to the average person with no artistic perception beyond the ordinary. It is interesting to recall the little-known fact that the lions at the base of the Nelson Column in Trafalgar Square were designed by Landsee.

From the book "Famous Paintings" printed in 1913.

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