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Jaume Huguet



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Jaume Huguet was a Spanish painter. He painted many religious pictures such as the one shown here. In this painting, does it seem that Jesus is looking at you? You will notice that the artist makes his clothing darker than the clothing of the disciples around him. This calls your attention to him as the centerpiece of the painting.

The man dipping his hand in the dish is Judas Iscariot. All the others are drawn with a halo around their heads, Judas is not shown with one because he is about to betray Jesus.

The picture was painted on wood, probably around 1470.

Huguet lived in Barcelona, Spain. The painting of The Last Supper hangs in a museum in Barcelona.

The story of the Last Supper can be found in the Bible in Matthew 26:17-30 ; Mark 14:12-26

This biography was written by Patsy Stevens, a retired teacher.

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Graphic, "The Last Supper" by Jaume Huguet, 1415-1492,
courtesy of CGFA Virtual Art Museum

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