The Sisters

Famous Paintings was printed by Funk & Wagnalls Company in 1913.
The paintings are "Selected from the World's Great Galleries and Reproduced in Colour".
The introduction to the book is by G.K. Chesterton .
The pictures are in the public domain. If you choose to use one of them I would appreciate a link back to this page.
A lot of time and effort has gone into making them available to you.

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Art Gallery, Famous Paintings Volume 1

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James Archer
My Great Grandmother

The Meeting


John Brett
From the Dorsetshire Cliffs

Arnesby Brown
The River Bank

Joseph Clark
Mother's Darling

John Constable
The Hay-Wain

Jean Baptiste Camille
The Fisherman's Hut

Jean Baptiste Camille
A Flood

Leonardo Da Vinci
Monna Lisa

Edouard Detaille
The Dream

Henri Fantin-Latour

Thomas Gainsborough
Queen Charlotte

Thomas Gainsborough
The Market Cart

Jean Baptiste Greuze
The Head of a Girl

Jean Baptiste Greuze

James Clark Hook
Home With the Tide

Alfred William Hunt
Windsor Castle

Josef Israels
The Shipwrecked Mariner

B.W. Leader
The Stream in Summer-time

Madame Vigee Le Brun
Portrait of the Artist

Alphonse Legros
A Canal With a Fisherman

Anton Mauve
Watering Horses

J.L.E. Meissonier
The Cavalier

Sir J.E. Millais
Speak! Speak!

Sir J.E. Mallais
My First Sermon

George Morland
The Reckoning

George Morland
The Inside of a Stable

The Immaculate Conception
of the Virgin

Alfred Parsons
When Nature Painted
All Things Gay

Ralph Peacock
The Sisters

Syndics of the
Cloth Merchants' Guild

Guido Reni
"Ecce Homo"

Sir Joshua Reynolds
Portrait of Mrs. Richard Hoare
With Her Infant Son

Briton Riviere
The Temptation
in the Wilderness

Dante Gabriel
Day Dreams

John Singer Sargent
Miss Ellen Terry
as Lady Macbeth

Lady Stanley
(Dorothy Tennant)
His First Offence

Jan Steen
Grace Before Meat

Marcus Stone
On the Road from
Waterloo to Paris

Constant Troyon
Watering Cattle

H.S. Tuke
"All Hands to the Pumps"

King Philip IV. of Spain

S.E. Waller
Sweethearts and Wives

Thomas Webster
The Smile

Famous Paintings Volume 1
Art Gallery

Art Appreciation

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Thanks to my cousin Brian Perkins for the use of the book Famous Paintings.
You can contact him for rare and hard-to-find books at:
Back Door Book Store
3071 Wabash
Ft. Worth, Texas 76109
email: briiansr (then use the symbol for "at") yahoo.com

Thanks to my son, Elton, for help with some of the pictures.
Visit him for stock photos and inspirational pictures.

My mother, Vera Griffin was also a well-known artist in West Texas.

639720: Art: Over 2500 Works from Cave to Contemporary Art: Over 2500 Works from Cave to Contemporary
By DK Publishing Inc.

Comprehensive in scope and scale, this gorgeous DK ART book provides a visually rich journey through humanity's development. Beginning with a short section of how artists use color, composition, light, shade and other technical elements of art, each art movement and school is detailed with more than 700 artists from all periods and cultures profiled. Picture-packed pages allow you to examine key examples of their work and see how they changed over their lifetime. Close-ups of famous artwork also allow the reader to analyze the creation of these masterpieces with graphics, overlays and highlighted detail. Chronologically organized from prehistory through contemporary art, traditional painting and sculpture work is included alongside masks, goldwork, carvings, panels, and other forms of artistic expression. 612 pages, indexed, hardcover with dust jacket.

480390: The Art Museum: A Sticker Story Coloring Book The Art Museum: A Sticker Story Coloring Book
By Sylvia Walker / Dover Publications

From boarding the bus to shopping for souvenirs, 30 lively illustrations to color follow a school field trip to an art museum. Plus, kids can also match 23 stickers of the world's greatest art masterpieces to their frames in the book - or decorate notebooks, school projects, and more. A complete list of titles and artists appears on the inside back cover.

26018: Masterpiece of the Month: An Art Appreaciation Program for Grades K-5 Masterpiece of the Month: An Art Appreaciation Program for Grades K-5
By Jennifer Thomas / Teacher Created Resources

Students learn about artistic concepts by looking at great works of art. Follow-up art activities using crayons, chalk, tempera paint, and more reinforce learning.

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