This distinguished painter gained an international reputation and was very popular with the general public, although his works have been condemned by a certain school of critics on the ground that he was too severely academic. The present painting is one of his best known works, and entirely characteristic of his methods and aims in art. Other well-known canvases of this nature are - "The Consoler," "A Girl Defending Herself from Love," "Prayers," "The Invocation," and "Covetousness."

Bouguereau did not confine himself, however, to what may be termed morality pictures, but succeeded equally in other fields. After his training at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, he studied in Rome, and used his experience in Italy with good effect on his return by decorating mansions in the classic style on the lines of the frescoes at Pompeii and Herculaneum. He became a regular exhibitor at the Salon, and his picture, "The Martyr's Triumph," now in the Luxembourg, which shows the body of St. Cecilia being borne to the catacombs, was exhibited at the great exhibition of 1855. Afterwards the State commissioned him to paint the Emperor's visit to the sufferers from the inundations at Tarascon.

He thus expressed his views on art and the position of the artist:

"The artist is born. Technique may be acquired by incessant work, but the instinct for art is a quality of the soul.... One must love it with his whole being. When the artist gives all that he is, all that he feels, when he translates with sincerity his deepest emotions, he can, even with an inferior technique, produce something beautiful, for in art there is something more than technique - soul-sentiment."

From the book "Famous Paintings" Volume 2 printed in 1913.

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"The Shell"
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by Bouguereau

"The Prayer"
painting by Bouguereau

"Rest at Harvest"
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