By Sir JOHN EVERETT MILLAIS, Bart., P.R.A. (1829-1896)

Millais was born in Southampton, whither his family had come from Jersey. His earliest years were spent at Dinant, in Brittany, but at the age of nine he proceeded to London to embark upon his artistic career. From his earliest days his record was one of brilliant success, and though he encountered the adverse criticism which is the lot of all artists whose work shows strong individuality, his popularity with the multitude kept pace with the reputation he was building up with the learned.

That he was a painstaking workman is to be seen in his pictures, which reveal the accuracy of the Pre-Raphaelite creed, though in later years he grew to value detail more in its relation to the whole of which it formed part than for its own sake. He was too thoughtful an artist to be bound by the chains even of a new tradition, and though he was caught heart and soul by the Pre-Raphaelite doctrine and was a prominent member of that Brotherhood, formed to preach the tidings of veracious renderings of natural things by the painter, he assimilated the principles and practised them only to turn them to his own purposes as his artistic work grew to maturity.

Millais united a great understanding of his art with a wide knowledge of humanity, and these, in combination with his imaginative power, enabled him to produce those paintings which found favour with all ranks of men. Since Reynolds and Gainsborough, nobody painted youth so well, However he depicted children, Millais was always able to impart that air of beauty, dreaminess and truth which calls for insight allied to a master's brush. It is one thing to paint mature beauty and character and another to depict the glamour of immaturity; but Millais could accomplish both with equal power, as his work bears witness.

From the book "Famous Paintings" Volume 2 printed in 1913.

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