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Vera Carrell Griffin began painting in the early 1960's. She first started painting on her own and then began taking art courses. Well-known artists she studied with were Dr. Emilio Caballero, former head of the art department at West Texas A and M in Canyon, Texas, Paul Milosevich, Mac Carrow and Ben Konis.

For more than 15 years she conducted weekly art lessons for adults and children in the area where she lived, as well as workshops throughout the South Plains and Permian Basin areas of Texas.

Her work consists of landscapes in oils, some western art, and portraits in pastels and charcoal. She entered various shows and exhibits and won numerous awards for her work. Her paintings have been displayed in banks and restaurants in her local area, and in a gallery at Town East Mall in Mesquite, Texas.

Here are a few of her paintings that are owned by the family. These are not for sale, but prints are now available. They are put here for your enjoyment. Feel free to use them as wallpaper on your computer. There are many other paintings held by other family members.


Portraits in Pastels

Portraits in Charcoal

Bluebonnet Scenes

Southwest Art

Barns and Houses


Snow Scenes

Scenes with Horses

Historical/Still Life

Read Reminiscings the Autobiography of Vera Griffin.

Her mother Jessie Woodson Crutcher Carrell wrote Memories
in which she tells about growing up in a pioneer family.

Article from the Lamb County Leader, 1968

A Tribute to Our Parents

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Eclectica by Vera Griffin

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of paintings by Vera Griffin

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The song "In All Our Dreams"
was written by Vera's grandson, Elton.

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