Jessie Woodson Crutcher Carrell

Jessie Woodson Crutcher, age 14, circa 1907

Jessie Carrell, my grandmother wrote this autobiography in 1969. She recounts stories that her mother told of experiences during the Civil War and her own remembrances of her childhood and early life in Tennessee and Texas.

Her daughter, Wilma Carrell Browning, gave her a leather-bound book and asked her to write her memories. She finished writing this journal in March of 1969 and died peacefully in her sleep in November, 1969. At this time she was at her home, in the post office, at Samnorwood, Texas. She had lived alone for seventeen years following the death of her husband, Solomon Jocephas Carrell in 1952.

Patsy Stevens, granddaughter

Mama and the Civil War

The Yankees Come

Hiding the Horse

Burying the Uniform

Papa's Accident

Moving to Texas

Pioneer Life

Filling the Pantry

Special Days

Hard Times

The Long Journey

Old Dolly and the Train

School Days



I wanted the children in our family to be able to hear the voice of their great-great grandmother. She had an excellent memory and when she was in her 70's, could recite poems and scriptures she had learned as a child, as evidenced by these recordings made in 1968.

Our visitors are also welcomed to listen.

The Rainbow
The Yellow Purp (Pup)
Twenty-third Psalm
Trust in the Lord

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The featured song is "Face to Face"
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I found the picture of Louisa May Crutcher in your webpage. . I have the same picture but with Thomas Robert Crutcher as well. Plus I have a picture of her parents, William Woodson May and Sarah Jackson Beasley May. Giles Porter Crutcher is my Great grand-father. Your webpages helped me fill in some blanks. Thanks, Tommy Hoyler
Tommy Hoyler
This is a lovely tribute! I discovered it while searching for resource materials for an elementary school project on the pioneers. Thank you so much for sharing!
Karen Carter
I enjoyed this very much
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