Vera Carrell Griffin 1993

Memory is the treasure of all things and their guardian - Cicero

To my beloved family, I hope I have given some idea of our family life. May what family values and the love of God instilled in our lives carry us through the remainder of what time we have here. I thank God for our lovely family and may we all meet in a better world when this life is over. - Vera Carrell Griffin 1993

Mama and Papa

Grandma Carrell

Uncle Guy

My Sisters and I

Life on the Farm

Living at Joshua

Walking to School

Going to Church

Moving to Plymouth

Working in the Field

The Piano

Wilma and Paul

Childhood Pets

Surviving the Depression

Family Times

The Post Office
at Samnorwood

Our Marriage

Our Girls

The Later Years



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Happy Mother's Day to all. What a warm and beautiful website. Brought back alot of memories. May God Bless you and your family..May the Lord be with you.
granny from georgia
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