Vera and the Turkeys

Mama was very resourceful and was always doing something for extra money. She always raised turkeys. I have her little bell that she put on her old gobbler so she could locate them.

Back during the depression everyone did what extra things they could for grocery money. We milked cows and sold cream. Paul was taking the cream to Plymouth one day in his little stripped down car. He again took a corner a little fast and instead of Wilma, this time it was the can of cream. What was it with Paul and corners?

He wasn’t the only one that had a catastrophe with the cream. We had a little neighbor girl who would come down and visit Mama. One day after she went home, we missed our little kitten. Found her in a cream can struggling to stay afloat. Now don’t ask me what happened after that. Fortunately I have a lapse of memory.

Besides selling cream for extra money, Papa would butcher a calf or hog for fresh meat. With no freezer, we had to can our meat. What we couldn’t use or can, Papa would sell to the neighbors.

Mama always baked bread, made cheese, canned and raised turkeys and chickens. People were more resourceful back then.

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