Vera and Ruler, her Pet Dog

When I was young, I always had some kind of pet; a rabbit, cat, or chicken. Once while Papa was plowing, he ran on to a little rabbit. He brought it in and I took him over. I fixed him a coop with wire around it. He grew to be a large rabbit and I thought, "Well, he is tame enough to bring in for a while." Well, I thought wrong. He went wild and jumped up on the organ as high as he could go. Well, he soon went back in his coop, but one day I went to feed him and he had broken the screen wire and had gotten out.

But then I had some chickens. I fixed all the cracks with the tops of cans that were cut out. Had to make it rain proof. I was cutting a can recently and was going to use it for something and recalled when I was a little girl doing the same thing.

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