Wilma and Paul Browning

Wilma, Thelma, and I didn’t seem too close as we were growing up. A little too much difference in our ages I guess. I seemed to like sports more than they did. I played basketball, softball, and tennis. Geneva Ballew and I went to District in tennis. Of course, as we grew older we became closer.

Wilma and Paul married when I was 14, and he seemed more like a brother I never had. He and Wilma went to Oklahoma where he was in school. I’m sure the family has heard this little story. Seems Wilma and Paul were downtown and Paul took a corner a little too fast. The doors flew open and Wilma landed on the street. Anyway, Wilma was pretty put out. Paul was trying to get her back in the car. Wilma was pretty upset and said, "Just go on and leave me alone!" I’m sure she reconsidered and got back in the car. Paul went on and received his degree.

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