Uncle Guy

I don't remember being with the other aunts and sisters much. At that time it was rather hard to get together like we do now. Uncle Guy lived near with Grandma. We were with him a lot. He didn't marry until late in life, after he had taken care of Grandma until she was old and in ill health. He finally had to get a woman to come in and take care of her. After several years, while Grandma was still alive, he and Jessie married. He outlived her by several years and was living in Joshua at the time of his death.

The last time I saw Grandma she was bedfast, and it was only a few months before her death. I had gone to Ft. Worth and was visiting a cousin, Eva Jones. She was a niece of Papa's. She took me to Joshua to see Grandma.

Grandma Carrell My Sisters and I