Toby's project


It was fun making my boxcar. I have a lot of Boxcar Children books in a little plastic boxcar. I took the books out and used the boxcar.

I used something like a matchbox for Benny's cart and covered it with popsicle sticks and glued rock in it. For my clothesline, I used a small rope of a gift bag, and I cut the clothes out of paper.

For the people, my mom used little people that look like my family. For the stream, I used some shiny paper. I used pretzel sticks to dam up the river, and for firewood. I used rocks for the waterfall.

I used fake pine trees for my trees. For my stump, my mom cut a piece of wood off with a power saw.

I just used a toy dog and wrote a "J" on it with permanent marker for Watch.

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