Each year our second graders read Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner. We have several culminating activities.

As part of our Harvest Day celebration, we make stew in the classroom and eat it for lunch on Harvest Day.

The children make Boxcar Children dioramas at home and bring for display. The displays were exceptionally fine this year and they are presented here, along with original stories which the children wrote in the classroom. They tell how they made them and the materials they used.

The teacher has corrected spelling and punctuation errors.

Mrs. Stevens - 2A

Amy, Chandler, Daniel, Emily, Grant, Haley,
Jared, Kaitlin, Kayla, Landon, Molly, Nathan,
Nikolos, Reese, Sarah, Toby,

Mrs. Stigers - 2B

Anna, Austin, Garrett, Hunter, Jason, Katelyn,
Lindsey, Madisen, Maegan, Patrick, Sarah, Savannah,
Tori, Trevor, Ty, Tyler Zachary

Mrs. Sargent - 2C

Andru, Bethany, Brandon, Brityn, Corbin, Kaitlyn,
Lauren, Meagan, Morgan, Natalie, Natalie, Nicholas
Spencer, Trenton, Trisha, Warner, Zachary

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