Amy's project

I made my boxcar out of moss, clay, pictures of Mary and me cut out, looking like Benny, Jessie, Henry and Violet. We made Watch out of a picture by taking a picture of my dog, Cupcake, and cutting it out.

I made the blueberry bush out of the moss, (if you read closely at the top of the page). I made the pot out of the clay and I made the two trees out of pine cones.

My mom bought some glitter glue. I used that for the river and we used green glitter glue for the leaves of the trees. I used grass and pine needles for the beds.

For the blueberries in the blueberry bush, I used clay. For the wooden shelf, I used tongue depressors. I wrote my name on the top of the boxcar with golden glitter glue.

I made everything on a shoebox top, and I made the boxcar out of a shoe box. I made the fire out of sticks and red construction paper. For the grass, I used the green construction paper. For part of the river, I used blue construction paper. For the people to stand up, I used green clay.

To make a red boxcar, I used red construction paper. For the tan mat, I used tan construction paper. For the stones, I used little pebbles from our rock road. Under the river, there's foil.

For the logs, I used macaroni and cheese. For the wheels of the boxcar, I used a toilet paper roll cut up. For the wire to hang the pot on, there's like this wire string.

We glued about all that stuff on. One piece of moss has fallen off. Nobody knows about it. There's still foil showing.

I made milk bottles and cups out of clay, too. I even made Benny's pink cup.

I had leftover sticks and I piled them up like it was a pile of firewood.

My babysitter helped, too.

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