Chandler's project


This is how I made my boxcar diorama. First I got a little show box, then I glued on cut popsicle sticks. After that, I painted it red. I got some sawdust from my daddy's workshop and put Superglue on a cut part of a box. Then me and my mom glued the sawdust on. When it was dry, (which it took a long time) we put on different color paint. These were the colors I put: red, green, and brown. It looked like real ground!

The third thing I did was: I made a railroad track out of popsicle sticks again. I painted it rusty brown. Then me and my mom glued bobbins on the bottom of the boxcar for wheels.

For the river, we put pretty wrapping paper on the cardboard, and for the water, we put blue stones on top of the wrapping paper. For the waterfall, my mom bought me some white clay stuff and shaped it like a waterfall. When it hardened, we glued stones on it, just like the river.

I colored the waterfall with my art markers. These are the colors I colored it: gold, green, royal red, and rich brown. We made the pool just by clogging it up with logs (which are little sticks).

After that my daddy cut a thick clob of a branch of a tree. But before that, my mom glued the boxcar on the track. When she did that, she made the door the same way we did the boxcar. My mom glued the door on a teensy bit open, then we glued the stump on.

My mom glued some moss on. Then we glued some trees in the background.

And that's how I made my boxcar diorama.

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