Haley's project


I started finding cardboard in the garage. Then I went outside and found some rocks for the pool and cut some leaves off the palm trees. I cut some of the trunk of the palm tree for the trunk and used hot glue and glued it.

I used construction paper for the race they had in the story. I cut some film canisters for the stew Jessie cooked, and I used film canisters for the wheels.

I used bark to go around the fire and I made clay people and set them on bottle caps and used markers for the path to the swimming pool. I used toothpicks for the fireplace.

I used burlap to put inside of the boxcar for the floor and picked leaves on the trees Halloween night for the pine needles for the bed they slept in.

I used a pot for the table and cloth and grass for the grass. I drew the railroad even under the boxcar and my mom bought me some shoes and used the box and we used construction paper. I glued and taped it on the boxcar.

I used white cloth for the blanket inside the bed, and I used construction paper for the race (track).

It was a very fun project and cool. It took a long time, but it was fun for me and my mom and dad. My dad glued some of the rocks that go around the pool, and my mom hot glued the trees and the boxcar.

It was fun doing my best wonderful work. I did not even know what a diorama was, but I got on Mrs. Stevens' website and I found out how to do it. I just looked at the computer and kept on looking and figured it all out and came out very perfect and very fun.

I was surprised when it was completely finished and amazed.

I think my mom got the little clips for the clothesline. On the trees there aren't really leaves, they are plants.

We used toothpicks for the fireplace.

It was fantastic even if I started one day late. It was just so fun and cool.

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