Kayla's project


I made my boxcar out of red construction paper. I made Henry, Jessie, Violet, Benny and Watch out of plain white paper.

My granddaddy found the acorn. I used some of my Barbie dishes for the dishes. I got my rock collection and my mom and me scattered rocks around the pond.

We went outside in the front yard. We found some pine needles and pieces of wood. We made the trees out of cardboard and green construction paper. The stump was made out of rolled up brown construction paper. We made the broom out of brown construction paper.

The clothesline was made out of wire, trees, and Mama made the clothes. The fire was made from rocks, pieces of wood, brown construction paper and little bits of orange, yellow, and red construction paper.

I made the pond out of blue construction paper. I made the blueberry bush out of green construction paper. I took a color and put some blue dots on the paper.

We made the waterfall out of two blue construction paper.

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