by Edward Hicks

Adam and Eve
by Hans Holbein the Younger

Noah's Ark

The Three Angels Appearing to Abraham
a painting by Tiepolo

Jacob Wrestling With the Angel
by Gustave Dore

Jacob's Meeting With Rachel
by Pier Francesco Mola

Joseph's Bloody Coat Brought to Jacob
by Velazquez

Joseph Being Sold to Potiphar
by Pontormo

Joseph Presents His Father and Brothers to the Pharoah
by Francesco Granacci

The Finding of Moses
by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Moses and the Ten Commandments
by Champaigne

Samson and Delilah
by Lucas Cranach the First

David's Farewell to Jonathan
by Rembrandt

The Seed of David
by D.G. Rossetti
( Jesus was of the family of David as shown in this triptych, or three-panel painting)

Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
by Hans Holbein the Younger

An Angel Awakens the Prophet Elijah
by Juan Antonio Escalante

The Prophet Elisha and Naaman
by Lambert Jacobsz

The Angel Appears to Mary
by Hendrick Terbrugghen

The Adoration of the Shepherds
by Honthorst

Three Kings
by Tiepolo

Christ in the House of His Parents
by Millais

Christ on the Lake of Gennesaret
by Eugene Delacroix

Miracle of Christ Healing the Blind
by Poussin

The Resurrection of Lazarus
by Nicholas Froment

The Sower
by Vincent van Gogh

The Good Samaritan
by Vincent van Gogh

Wonderful Catch of Fish
by Anton Losenko

Christ in the House of Mary and Martha

by Jan Vermeer

Christ Driving the Traders From the Temple
by El Greco

The Last Supper
by Leonardo di Vinci

Jesus Praying in the Garden
by Giovanni Bellini

Christ Before Pilate
by Munkacsy

He Is Risen
by Arthur Hughes

Supper at Emmaus
by Caravaggio

The Penitent Peter
by Sir Anthony van Dyck

Saul of Tarsus by Benjamin West
(central panel of a triptych, or three-panel painting)

Saints in Glory
by Corrado Giaquinto