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This video tells you how to teach the Children's Bible Lessons and is narrated by the author.

Children's Bible Lessons were written especially for children but are appropriate for all ages.
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Sources of Public Domain Bible pictures:
Free Bible Images
search by book, character, or theme
La Vista Church of Christ
The Bible
Clip Art etc..
Wikimedia Commons

Art and the Bible famous works of art.

Links to more Bible images (not all are public domain) at
Art Index.

Sound effects courtesy of - Search the Web for Sounds!

Other sounds at Sound Bible.comand Free

Animation made for Children's Bible Lessons by
Rolando Merino

Crossword puzzles on these pages courtesy of


Spanish Bible Stories
from Calvary Chapel.

Testimonials from Visual Link Spanish program users

Listen to recorded stories at
Kids Corner Website

Flash presentation of Bible stories at
Children's Bible

DLTK's Bible Activities crafts, coloring, Bible Stories etc.

Biblical Costumes
at Pure

We have used and recommend the following books:

Pillar of Pepper and Other Bible Nursery Rhymes by John Knapp and Dianne Deckert
(Search for it at Alabris.)
Now You Can Read Stories From the Bible by Elaine Ife and Rosalind Sutton
Go to Alibris and search for "Great Bible Stories for Children" by Lane Easterly

Bible Lessons 1-35 and eight of the Literature Based Reading Lessons
were written and developed by the second grade teaching team at Dallas Christian School.
The team is composed of Beverly, Pat and Charla .

Are you looking for a source of Bible studies for adults?
You can find hundreds of lessons on books of the Old Testament and New Testament
plus some special studies at
McKee's Bible Studies
Bible Courses
in several languages.

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