Testimonals  Visual Link Spanish Program

Thank you so much for the Visual Link Spanish program. I am amazed by how much I have learned so quickly. I teach English as a second language. Right now all of my students speak Spanish. I can teach them English without knowing Spanish, but learning Spanish has helped me become a better teacher and friend to my students. Recently, I was helping the family of some of my students. I was in a situation where I was waiting with the mother, who spoke no English. She was very patient with me and I was able to understand most of what she said and express most of the things I wanted to say in Spanish. I am only on lesson 10, but I will soon finish all of the lessons.

-- Laurel Parmley

I purchased the course because I have married into a Spanish speaking family. I have found the course very easy to learn from. My mother in law has commented on how much my Spanish has improved. I have previously been attending evening classes to learn Spanish, but with only limited success. I feel much more confident in my Spanish now and feel that I am getting somewhere.

Thank you for providing a wonderful course.

-- Peter Gillespie

I just returned from Barcelona, the reason I have been studying Spanish. I had to tell you how wonderful your program was! I was able to get around, ask directions, communicate in my hotel and while shopping. I really was quite amazed with myself. Your pronunciation portions were especially helpful where I felt more comfortable that I could be understood. The Spanish people were welcoming and happy I was trying to practice what I knew, and my friends who met me, from Germany and Holland, were also very impressed and supportive. My Dutch friend and I made a great tag team. Since she is fluent in so many romantic languages, she, at times could understand better what was said, where I had the Spanish vocabulary to communicate our questions and needs. I was very excited at how much I knew.

I am looking forward to taking another trip to some Spanish speaking country so I can use my Spanish again. I tell everyone about your program, it is logical and practical in its progression. Thank you.

Lisa Abramson

I am currently using my Spanish on my job talking to patients they love hearing me speak to them in their language. Thank you for your tapes they are the best ones I have purchased.

-- Thomas

I am loving this course. I was on my first business trip to Guadalajara Mexico this past week, and although I have only had the course a short time, it allowed me to try some short conversations. Thankfully there are many English speaking people there - but, they are much more pleased to know that I am trying to learn their Spanish, and being able to speak several phrases helps develop relationships with the customers. They are some great folks, and I will be working with them fairly regularly.

Thanks again,

Paul Davis

I actually live in Spain but felt that my Spanish was not improving as quickly as it could, hence purchasing the language course.
I am really enjoying working through the different sections, the course is very well laid out, easy to understand and you are given more than sufficient time to answer questions before the bell rings and Maria gives you the answer.
As i live in a small village I do try and practise what I have learned almost constantly. I showed the course to a spanish friend and they were impressed.
Unlike personal one to one lessons which you maybe can only attend once a week, this course enables you to learn when and where you want for as long as you want.

Regards Lesley

I love this program. We live in Mexico and I am with Spanish speaking--non English speaking people all day-everyday. They help me a lot. I have tried improving my Spanish with tapes and books but with a lot of frustration and lack of structure. Your program offers everything! The whole program--seeing, listening, reading, and interactive learning in different ways is very practical. Thanks!

Nancy Lundgaard