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Bible Activities

These Bible Activities correlate with Stories From the Old and New Testaments at Garden of Praise.

You may be looking for a color page, a game, a puzzle, or a way to dramatize the story.

The following activities will help the child to understand the lessons that are being taught and make them a part of his/her life.

We have included activities for Lessons 1-35, and you will find resources for other lessons as well.

"Tell me and I'll forget.
Show me and I might remember.
Involve me and I'll understand."

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Lesson 1
The Creation

Days of Creation Wheel (craft)
color page
Bible Printables - The Creation
Sheep Puppet (craft)

Lesson 2

Open the Doors Ark from Jan Brett, noted illustrator
color page
Bible Coloring Pages - Noah
Noah's Ark (craft)
Rainbow Covenant (craft)
Noah's Ark crafts from DLTK
color page
color pages
Audio story

Lesson 3

Audio story Bible Coloring Pages - Abraham

Lesson 4

Jacob's Hairy Arms (craft)
Bible Coloring Pages - Jacob

Lesson 5

color page
Craft picture to make
Bible Coloring Pages - Joseph

Lesson 6
Ten Brothers

Joseph's Head Dress (craft)
Bible Coloring Pages - Joseph and His Brothers


Lesson 7

Grasshopper (craft)
color pages
Baby Moses craft to print
Moses and Miriam craft
Bible Coloring Pages - Moses
Audio story

Lesson 8
The Trip

color page
Audio story
Moses and the Red Sea paper craft
Bible Coloring Pages - The Trip

Lesson 9
The Ten Commandments

online color
Ten Commandments craft to make
Moses and 10 Commandments craft
Parchment Commandments craft
Bible Coloring Pages - Ten Commandments

Lesson 10
The Twelve Spies

Lesson 11

Bible Coloring Pages - Joshua

Lesson 12
The Judges

Gideon's Torch (craft)
color page
Samson and Delilah crafts
Samson's Strength (craft)
Bible Coloring Pages - Samson

Lesson 13

Ruth craft
Bible Coloring Pages - Ruth

Lesson 14
David and the Giant

Audio story
David's Bag of Stones craft
Bible Coloring Pages - David

Lesson 15
David and Jonathan

Lesson 16

Audio story
Bible Coloring Pages - Solomon

Lesson 17

Audio story

Lesson 18

Audio story

Lesson 19
Three Brave Boys

color pages
Craft Picture to Make
Bible Coloring Pages - The Fiery Furnace
Audio story

Lesson 20
Brave Daniel

color pages
King Nebuchadnezzar's Gold Statue (craft)
Audio story
I Can Pray (craft)
Bible Coloring Pages - Daniel

Lesson 21

Audio story
Bible Coloring Pages - Esther

Lesson 22
The Big Fish (Jonah)

Jonah and the Fish (craft)
color page
Audio story
Bible Coloring Pages - Jonah

Lesson 23
The Child Jesus

color pages
color page
angel craft
Mary and Baby Jesus craft
Audio story
Bible Coloring Pages - The Birth of Jesus

Lesson 24
The Miracles

color page
Audio story
Jesus Walks on the Water craft
Bible Coloring Pages - The Miracles of Jesus

Lesson 25
Parables of Jesus

The Good Samaritan song
The Good Samaritan (audio story)
Who's My Neighbor paper craft

Lesson 26
Teachings of Jesus

Jesus and the Children
Bible Coloring Pages - The Teachings of Jesus

Lesson 27
Friends of Jesus

Bible Coloring Pages - The Twelve Apostles

Lesson 28
Going to Jerusalem

Palm Leaf cut and fold craft
Bible Coloring Pages - Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Lesson 29

Lesson 30
Jesus' Last

color pages
The Cross (audio story)
Bible Coloring Pages - Jesus is Crucified

Lesson 31
Alive Again!

Angel rolled the stone away craft
Bible Coloring Pages - The Resurrection

Lesson 32
Jesus Leaves Earth

Bible Coloring Pages - The Ascension

Lesson 33

Bible Coloring Pages - Peter

Lesson 34

Paul (audio story)
Bible Coloring Pages - Paul

Lesson 35

Gate into Heaven poster

Teachers and homeschool moms,
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The Story of Jesus with pictures of the holy land.