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9027027: Create-A-Drama: Writing a Script, Gr. 4-12 Create-A-Drama: Writing a Script, Gr. 4-12
By Eleanor Hoomes / Educational Impressions

"Create-a-Drama" is divided into eight sections. Activity No. 1 is a three-section drama match. It can be used all at once or as three introductory activities with following activities. Activity numbers 2 and 3 are short. Activity No. 2 gives information and tips about reading plays silently and aloud. Activity No. 3 deals with stage directions. Activity No. 4 takes students step by step through the process of developing and writing a script. Activity No. 5 suggests thirteen dramatic activities plus several options. Activity No. 6 discusses the ways dramas may be produced, and Activity No. 7 gives additional information you might want to incorporate into Activity No. 4. Activity No. 8 gives two examples of scripts; the first sample is just a beginning, while the second is complete. For grades 5-10. Softcover, reproducible pages.

42095X: Instant Skits for Children"s Ministry Instant Skits for Children's Ministry
By John Duckworth / Group Publishing

These 30 simple skits can be performed quickly and easily by teachers, volunteers, children, and even puppets! At 5-10 minutes each, they're quick and easy, but guaranteed to deliver a Bible-based message that children will remember!. Each script included simple facial-expression symbols, bold letters for emphasis, and other helpful hints for even the most inexperienced actors. Great for Sunday school, children's church, clubmeetings, VBS, and other gatherings...whenever something extra is needed.

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