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Tune: "Standing on the Promises"

Verse 1
Mo-ses sent some men to spy out Ca-naan's land.
Out of ev-'ry tribe of Is-rael sent a man.
"Learn a-bout the peo-ple, are they strong or weak?
Is the fruit the kind of food we seek?"

Go and find out
If the land is poor or fer-tile.
Are there trees there?
Bring back fru-uit.
We need to know a-bout this pro-mised land.

Verse 2
Josh-u-a and Ca-leb were a-mong the group
Who a-cross the land for for-ty days did troop.
Saw a bunch of grapes; the big-gest they had seen.
Put it on a pole two men be-tween.

Refrain - Men:
"Let's show Mo-ses
Tru-ly it's a land of milk and hon-ey,
So fine.
Such a good land!
We'll tell them all a-bout the things we've seen."

Verse 3 - The Ten Spies:
"We saw cit-ies large and ver-y for-ti-fied.
We could nev-er take them e-ven though we tried.
Men as tall as gi-ants,
You should see their size!
We seemed like grass-hop-pers in our eyes."

Refrain :
"We can't take it,
We are ver-y fear-ful of the
Men we saw there.
We must not try
For sure-ly ev-'ry one of us will die!"

Verse - Caleb:
"Though the men are ver-y tall and of great size
We must not think we are small in our own eyes.
God is going to give His help to ev-'ry man
We can take pos-ses-sion of the land. "

Refrain :
"We must go and
Take the land of Ca-naan
God will give it to us.
He will keep now
The pro-mise that He made so long a-go."

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