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Tune: "Count Your Many Blessings"

Verse 1
Gid-e-on you have be-come the cho-sen son,
Out of all of Is-ra-el you are the one
To de-liv-er Is-ra-el from Mi-di-an.
God will sure-ly show you how He wants it done.

An-gel came and gave a pow'r-ful sign,
Fleece was wet with dew, but ground was dry.
Then an-other, (slowly and deliberately) God will prove to you.
Ground was wet and fleece was dry. He knows it's true.

Verse 2
Gid-e-on had such an ar-my of great men,
But God looked at them and said, "They're too man-y".
Gave some tests un-til three hun-dred men were left.
With that num-ber God would sure-ly get glo-ry.

For the wea-pons Gid-e-on would use
Pit-chers, torch-es, trum-pets God did choose.
They sur-round-ed (slowly and deliberately) Mid- i- an that night.
And the sol-diers killed each o-ther in the fight.

Verse 3
Though your man-y trou-bles seem to get you down
Al-ways trust in God and He will care for you.
Look for an-swers to your pray'rs and you will see
God is real-ly watch-ing and will bless you too.

Just as He helped Gid-e-on that night
You will know that He is there for you.
Trust his wor-d (slowly and deliberately) He is rea- dy still.
To give aid and com-fort. God is al-ways true.

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Thank you for this page. I have to take a lesson for kids, I’m not proficient but GOD asked me to speak from Gideon, but I wanted some resources and found it here. It is really helpful. Thank you GOD Bless you more and more.
Thanks for this. As a fellow Gideon I feel good about this tune. This is going straight on the playlist!! ha ha ha
tomorrow's lesson of Gideon needed a song..just by chance I found your sight and the perfect song. Thank you for your sweet voice and for sharing. God is using your gift!
I don't know how to say "thank you," except to write and let you know what a blessing your web site it for a little Adventurer Club! So, Bible-cnetered! PTL! Thank you and God bless!
First time teaching youth,ages 9-12, didn't know what to do to hold their attention for this Sunday's lesson from Juges1-3, 11-14; 7; 19-21
This is good page, God bless you all for the hardwork and time you put in to enrich the lives of children. Please send me bible stories/materials for kids to use in our children church. Thank you.
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