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Verse 1
One day God put forth the call,
"Jo-nah, go to Nin-e-vah."
There were man-y peo-ple there
Need-ing to hear of God's love.

Jo-nah did not want to go,
He thought he from God could run.
Found a ship and sailed a-way,
But soon knew God had won.

Verse 2
What a storm a-rose that day
And the sea was so rough.
Jonah said, "I am the cause."
And they knew they'd had e-nough.

They threw Jo-nah in the sea
And he thought he'd sure-ly die,
But a fish pre-pared by God
Came and swal-lowed him a-live.

Verse 3
For three days poor Jo-nah prayed
For de-liv-'rance from God's hand.
Then the fish spit him right out,
And he found him-self on land.

He went to great Nin-e-vah,
Preached the word to young and old.
They re-pen-ted and were saved
Be-cause Jo-nah did as told.

Verse 4
When the Lord calls you to go
On a mis-sion that is new.
Don't de-lay, but hear His voice
Lest some e-vil come to you.

You can pray to Him for help,
And for you He'll clear the way.
Ha-sten to o-bey His will.
Our God saves! Our God saves!

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I teach Childrens Sunday School 1-2 times a month. I have been teaching them 4 lessons at a time to keep their attention. The full time teacher asked me to teach and I have taught all the lessons in the book for Winter. I Really appreaciate you providing this website to download as I think God has his hand in it and he will provide. I went on the internet looking for free lessons and I found yours. I appreciate and love you for providing Gods word. It is the truth and should be taught to our children. God will never fail. He is the Way, Truth, and the life. Our children should have that hammered in their little heads, as they will never forget it as they travel their paths through life. This will make an impact on Generations to come, if God does not come soon.
Cindy Eller-Vaughn
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