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Tune: "A Wonderful Savior is Jesus My Lord"

Verse 1:
In Ca-na one day was a wed-ding so fine,
For Je-sus and Mar-y were there.
His moth-er told him that they had no more wine,
Would Je-sus have some-thing to share?

Oh, Moth-er, my dear, my time has not come near.
But Mar-y con-tin-ued to try,
So Je-sus gave or-ders for ser-vants that day
And gal-lons of wine did pro-vide.
And gal-lons of wine did pro-vide.

Verse 2:
The six wa-ter pots that were made of hard stone
Were filled to the brim by the men,
But Je-sus' great pow'r changed the wa-ter to wine
And ev-'ry-one glo-ri-fied Him.

Chorus :
Oh, what a sur-prise that the best wine was last.
They real-ly did not un-der-stand
That God had come down from His home on high
To of-fer sal-va-tion to man,
To of-fer sal-va-tion to man.

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Hear the tune "He Hideth My Soul" (A Wonderful Savior is Jesus My Lord) by William J. Kirkpatrick.
(Click on "Titles", then choose "W" and look for "Wonderful", scroll down until you find the song.)
You will need to "Pause" the midi at the top of the page if it is playing.

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