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Tune: "Rescue the Perishing"

Verse 1:
Pe-ter and John one day went to the tem-ple.
Saw there a man who was lame from his birth.
From the gate Beau-ti-ful he begged for mon-ey.
They looked at him for they knew of his worth.

Pe-ter then said to him,
"Sil-ver and gold have I
None, but such as I have,
I give to you.

Verse 2:
Then Pe-ter lift-ed him up by his right hand.
His ank-les be-came as strong as could be.
He start-ed leap-ing and jump-ing and walk-ing.
Nev-er a man was as hap-py as he.

Pe-ter said to the crowd,
"Je-sus has healed him."
He'll save you too
If you tru-ly be-lieve.

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Thank you for the beautiful song about Peter, we are teaching about Peter for our VBS this year.
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