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Tune: "Sing to Me of Heaven"

Verse 1:
There's a ho-ly ci-ty com-ing down from God.
John de-sribes a place of joy for all the saved
With foun-da-tions made of gems and gates of pearl,
And the streets of it with pur-est gold are paved.

There'll be no more cry-ing, nei-ther death nor pain.
God and Je-sus are the light. The Lord will reign.
God has said that He will make all things brand new.
We look for this ci-ty for we know it's true.

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Watch an animation of Jesus greeting a newcomer to Heaven.

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WOW!!! what fun and unique songs - love these! Couldn't get alive again to load - thank you for creating such a blessed site! BE BLESSED!!
I like this page.
I like this page
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