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Tune: "Tell It to Jesus Alone"

Verse 1:
Je-sus led by the Spir-it in the de-sert
Was by him-self. He was all a-lo-ne.
Sa-tan came and tempt-ed him for three times.
First time he used a hard stone.

Are yo-u hung-ry? Make bread of this stone.
But our Sav-ior then said,
"It is writ-ten,'Sure-ly man shall not live
Just a-lone b-y bread.'"

Verse 2:
Then the de-vil showed him all the king-doms.
Oh, such a splen-dor Je-sus did se-e.
Satan said, "All this shall be for you
If you'll on-ly wor-sh-ip me.

Je-sus then ans-wered, "It i-s writ-ten"
As He had said be-fore
"You shall on-ly wor-ship God the Lor-d
He is the One we a-dore.

Verse 3:
Then he took him high up on the tem-ple
To th-e high-est place in the tow-n.
He said, "Cast your bod-y down from here and
An-gels won't let you fall down.

Je-sus then ans-wered, "Do no-t put the
Lord your God to the test."
Then the dev-il fin-ished with his tempt-ing
For a short while gave Him rest.

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