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Tune: "Let the Lower Lights Be Burning"

Verse 1:
They were go-ing to a wed-ding,
Ten young maid-ens in the night.
All their lamps were burn-ing bright-ly,
Ev-'ry-thing seemed to be right.

Five oil lamps be-gan to flick-er,
Then the girls be-gan to cry,
"Give us oil. our lamps are emp-ty.
You can help us if you try."

Verse 2:
"No, we've not e-nough to help you
If we give you oil to use.
You should have made pre-pa-ra-tion
For we real-ly must re-fuse."

While they went to buy more oi-l,
Bride-groom came and closed the door.
They cried out,"Sir, let us i-n!"
But their chan-ces were no more.

Verse 3:
"Go a-way, I do not know you,"
Was the ans-wer they re-ceived.
There would be no sec-ond chan-ces
As the girls had all be-lieved.

Make your plans for He is com-ing.
Be pre-pared for His re-turn.
Je-sus wants to wel-come you in,
And for that Day we do yearn.

Discuss the picture. Do you see the wise virgins or the foolish virgins?
Where are they? What is the man at the door doing?
See a larger picture at Wikimedia.

Hear the tune "Let the Lower Lights Be Burning" by Philip P. Bliss.
(Click on "Titles", then choose "L" and scroll down until you find the song.)
You will need to "Pause" the midi at the top of the page if it is playing.

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