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Tune: "Tell It to Jesus"

Verse 1:
In the town, the ci-ty of Jer-usa-'lem
Be-thes-da was the name of the po-ol.
Peo-ple went for heal-ing of their ill-ness
How-e-ver there was one rule:

You must be first to get in the wa-ter
Af-ter it had be-en stirred.
One man lame for thir-ty eight long year-s
Cried out but he was not heard.

Verse 2:
Je-sus said, "Do you want to be we-ll?"
Hope for the man who long ha-d sa-t.
"Get up now. Pick up your mat and wal-k"
He walked and car-ried his mat.

Oh, what a joy-ous day for the lame man.
Who is this man with such pow'r?
Je-sus found him. Told him to stop sin-ning.
He was a new man that hour.

Hear the tune "Tell It to Jesus" by Edmund S. Lorenz.
(Click on "Titles", then choose "T" and scroll down until you find the song.)
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You are a blessing! Thank you for giving to the Lord thru this work. I hope other Subday School teachers will see these too :) God bless u!
Ruth B. Mapacpac from yhe Philippines
Praise the Lord for your ministry
Roger (Hunt) Frost
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