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Tune: "Faith of Our Fathers"

Verse 1:
Je-sus said bless-ings will com-e to you
If you are hum-ble, ki-nd and true.
The poor in spir-it, the king-dom is theirs
And those who mourn will be com-fort-ed.

Then shall the meek in-her-it the earth
Right-eous-ly hun-ger, you'll be filled.

Verse 2:
Bless-ed the mer-ci-ful, mer-cy re-ceive.
The pure in heart, their G-od will see.
Peace-mak-ers will be called son-s of God.
Per-se-cu-ted for right-ous-ness sake

These will re-ceive the king-dom of God.
Re-joice for your re-ward is great.

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Great way of teaching the beatitudes to kids. I am going to use it.
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