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Tune: "Did You Think to Pray?"

Verse 1:
Je-sus came un-to the ci-ty.
Jer-i-cho was near.
Bar-ti-mae-us sat there beg-ging.
They said,"Je-sus now is com-ing"
And the way was clear.

He called, "Je-sus, Son of Dav-id,
Please have mer-cy up-on me."
"Hush, his friends ad-mon-ished him, but
He a-gain did plea.

Verse 2:
Je-sus stopped and asked the blind man,
"What do you want me
To do for you? That's the ques-tion."
And the ans-wer came so quick-ly,
"Rab-bi let me see."

"Go', said Je-sus, "Your faith healed you."
Then the man re-ceived his sight.
He loved Je-sus for his heal-ing
Fol-lowed and lived right.

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Watch as the blind man sees again.

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