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Tune: "Faith of Our Fathers"

Verse 1:
Ten men with lep-ro-sy me-t the Lord.
They stood a-far, called in a loud voice,
"Please Je-sus Mas-ter have pi-ty on us."
They were out-casts. They ha-d no choice.

"Go show your-selves un-to the priest."
And as they went they all were cleansed.

Verse 2:
Joy-ful-ly te-n men ran down the road.
Just one re-turned and cou-ld be heard,
Fell at his fe-et and thank-ed Him there.
Then Je-sus asked these ver-y sad words,

"Were not ten cleansed? Where are the nine?
Rise for your faith has made you well."

Hear the tune "Faith of Our Fathers" St. Catherine.
(Click on "Titles", then choose "F" and scroll down until you find the song.)
You will need to "Pause" the midi at the top of the page if it is playing.

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beautiful tune beautiful! I'll try and memorize the song hoorah1 brava!
Caitland (10)
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