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Tune: "An Evening Prayer"
(If I Have Wounded Any Soul Today)

Verse 1:
A man gave tal-ents to his ser-vants three.
On his re-turn he'd see what they had done.
The man with five gained five,
The two gained two.
Tal-ent one man, kept one.

Verse 2:
The mas-ter praised the first two for their gain.
With the re-sults he was so ver-y pleased.
And then he said to each one in re-sponse.
Hi-s wor-ds were these:

Verse 3:
"Well done thou good and faith-ful ser-vant,
Thou has been faith-ful o-ver a few things.
I'll make thee ru-ler o-ver man-y things.
En-ter thou the joy of thy Lord."

Verse 4:
The man en-trust-ed with one tal-ent came.
His mas-ter was sore dis-pleased at the news.
He called him wick-ed, sloth-ful and we know
That this man was re-fused.

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I am a Sabbath School Teacher for children. I thought about the good Samaritan for a story this week, but The Lord brought the story about the talents to my mind. I stoped and bought some play money to give as an example. Thank you
GOD Bless-Mrs.Ginger Collins
Mrs. Ginger Collins
Am I every glad that I stumbled onto this page what a wonderful posting for us christians to see and hear
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