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Tune: "He Keeps Me Singing"

Verse 1:
Ste-phen was a ser-vant of the Lord,
Full of grace and pow'r was h-e.
He could do great won-ders, mir-a-cles
For the peo-ple there to see.

Ste-phen preached the mess-age
Of the ris-en Lord,
But some Jews op-posed him.
Would not lis-ten to his word.

Verse 2:
One day Jew-ish ru-lers talked to him.
There ap-peared a won-drous sigh-t.
His face as an an-gel's face be-came
And he tes-ti-fied with might.

They be-came so ang-ry
They would kill him there.
They cast stones up-on him
And he ut-tered this in pray'r:

Verse 3:
"I see hea-ven o-pened and my Lord
Stands by God on His right han-d"
As the stones con-tin-ued to rain down
Peo-ple watched this right-ous man.

"Lord re-ceive my spir-it"
He fell to his knees.
"Hold not this a-gainst them."
To the end his God did please.

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I am a Sunday school teacher and I found this page to be very helpful and a fun way to learn about this great Christian martyr.
This is a useful, bible -based page for imparting Christian truths to children. I use it for Sunday School lessons. Thank you.
Rainsford Smith
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